Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Financial Calculator has been updated to version 3.1

In this new version:

Some typos in “Commodity” part has been fixed.

Colors file will be renewed when program starts to prevent unnecessary information remain in that file.

Now, size of the program is the smallest size compare to all previous versions!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Financial Calculator 3.0 has been released

Main download link:

In this new version:
Some problems has been resolved, and also, program could run and load faster than before.
A serious problem in “Bank” part:
That problem was about number of days when that days were more than 30 and operation of deposits or withdraw was needed, program couldn’t calculate!
Some minor problems in “Colors” and “Update” has been solved too. Program always checks the latest version of this program when it starts and inform you if new version has been released.
Clear form has been improved and now it also clear the colors of the text boxes too.
Now databases only could save 1000 items to prevent slow loading.
When program cannot save the file in local disk, it prompts about these problems to user.
Because of these extra information, some changes requires if you’re using translated file. You have to change that translated file. However, these changes isn't very much.

This program still uses the last version of Java and you should download and install the last version if you want to run this program.
Main web site of Java is this: