Thursday, December 31, 2015


In 2016, new version of Financial Calculator will be release, which would be different version of that.
If you do not have the Financial Calculator, you could download it, from here:
In 2016, a new program about multiplayer chess will be release to help to give attraction to my programs!
Because I was busy to learn more about Java programming language, I could not release more programs, but that Financial Calculator downloaded about 6 times per day from 114 countries, which is very satisfied for me, especially when you consider that boring topic of that program!
Therefore, in 2016, beside Financial Calculator, you will see another program about chess and I hope that attract more people to download my programs!
Until next time, maybe these free programs would be very useful for you to have:
For repairing windows errors:
If you selected all check marks for repairing, it is better do not work by computer for about 90 minutes during repairing!)
For scaling and editing image files:
For scaling and editing video files: