Saturday, May 31, 2014

Financial Calculator program published on SOFTPEDIA

The program which I made in 4 months, published on reliable SOFTPEDIA website and you could download that from there. Notice that downloaded file is a zipped file and you should extract that.

SOFTPEDIA admins doing analyses programs and tell to the users this program is clean, and doesn’t have any virus, malware or spyware in it and that’s the advantage to be in websites like SOFTPEDIA. So, you could download my program without any anxiety!
Another advantage of these websites is a wide variety of visitors and this made a more advertising about my products. Besides, if in future, I made programs that are more popular and I were famous, I also could sell my products with these websites and have an income from them.
I try to produce another version of this program for other Operation Systems (OS) and devices but now, this program is available for Windows 32 bit and 64 bit.
This program doesn’t need to be install. However, after executing, this program create a “Data” folder on its file location. You could have this program by portable devices like flash memories too.

Specification of the program:

This program have 10 different parts for 10 different topics of financial affairs and in fact, do all calculations related to the personal financial affairs. This program is a completion of my previous program which name was E-BUSINESS or Basic Financial Calculator. However, this new program is better and more accurate than previous one and also, this program is in English which all people around the world know that, but old program was just in Persian, which speaks only in Iran, Afghanistan and Tajikistan.

Beside to have an option for saving the result file of your data inputs and it’s results in 5 different types of file, you also could save data in the database of the program. In fact, that “Data” folder which created after executing related to this database.
Only differences between 32 bit and 64 bit version of this program, beside from their compatibility to your operation system, is their sizes and their precision in decimal numbers. In 64-bit version, you could calculate up to 18 digits after decimal point but in 32-bit version, it’s up to 15.
I analyses every parts of my program and compare them to similar programs. All calculations made with formulas from most reliable finance resources. For example, in “Commodity” part, I spend one month to research and analyses about it’s requirements and appearance and favorite style of users.

Appearance of program designed to be very easy to all types of users and even for whom have vision problems to use it.
Because of more feature of this program, maybe it’s better you use it and find out more about this program; because I were searched the web and I don’t saw any program similar to this program.