Monday, May 26, 2014

Robotic friendship

If human like robots were exist, Elliot Rodger and many people like him never becomes mad and kill others.

We have computers for writing, sending photos and any files. We have robotic machines for transferring money and doing business, but we don’t have any alternative for friendship or any love related experiences.

If a man or woman doesn’t have his/her ideal partner, what any alternative have exist to prevent such these crimes?

When we talking about human like robots, people afraid from robot fighters in “Terminator” movie, but most reasons of many crimes are about love or loneliness.

If computers are dangerous and normal people are better, why these circumstances caused? Those criminals are in minority and majority are not like them, but those victims are real and killed by humans and humanity system.

If world was better place without computers and robots, we have peace in the history, but instead we always had wars on every area!
Robots are necessary for friendship because we need them in transferring money, cooking, and manufacturing products.