Sunday, December 7, 2014

Site Feed

With the help of this site you can find all contents of sites with photos and videos they have inside. You can even set the declared content with what you want to see them in font size and line spacing.

By using this site, you almost do not need to go directly to the site and read their contents, but also some of them might not show well through this website

This site is multilingual and you can choose your language:

To enter this section, you should go to the settings part:

To change the appearance and content, go to this section:

The most important part, you see in the image below:

To view the table of contents, click on this button:

To add sites that you want to see their contents and follow them through this site, click on this button:

To add your favorite site, write its address in the search box, and then press Enter key:

If multiple sites are found at the same address, you will see a list of them. After finding the site, click on the subscribe button:

After clicking the subscribe button, plus sign changes like this:

Now, your favorite site added and for reading its contents, you just need to click on it:

The green arrow indicates that the number of contents that you have not read them yet.

You could manage only unread contents shows by this website and if you read all contents, you could mark them as read: