Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Download video/sound from web sites

For downloading video files in the web sites, right click on the page and choose “View page source” and then search the download link inside that page.
In IE browser:

In Firefox browser:

In Google Chrome browser:

By help of menu bar or shortcut keys (for example, Ctrl + F in Windows), you could search for sound or video file suffix in it.
Usually, suffix of video files are mp4 and flv and suffix of sound files are mp3.
You could see the full list of all types of suffix files from this link:
After searching in page source, you could select your desirable download link and download that by a download manager program like http://www.flashget.com .
However, some web sites changing the download link and you have to first change it to the normal shape and then download it.
For example, maybe a web site changed http:// part of the download link to http:\/\/ and you have to replace \/ with / to see the normal shape of the link.
For example, maybe a source code of a web site shows download link of a video file like this:
You have to first replace all \/ with / and then download link will be like this:
Now you could download file by this link.
Some web sites putting different quality of video files and you should consider your desirable quality to find desirable download link.
It’s very good habit to search multiple times in the page source of the web site to sure finding your desirable download link.
For example, a web site maybe have 3 download link like this:
Difference between these links are two letters in their ends just before the suffix of the file. Letters “lo” maybe indicate the low quality and “hi” maybe indicate the high quality.
By more study of the page source you could find out more information and use them next time. However, each web site has it’s style and methods. Some of them using the complicated methods to hide the download link and you have to use the special programs for downloading those files.