Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Publishers of “Chess Tournaments 1.0”

I created the software that allows playing by network too. You could even put it in a server and play by Internet too.
Text chat is also possible, and you could chat during game, although that is not recommend in a mental game!
This program could run in any device with Java 8 (Java Runtime Environment 1.8) or newer; but for Android and iOS Java is not available officially, although some version of it for these operation systems has been released, but those are not official version of Java.
To get Java, you could search in Internet or you could go to the official web site of it and download it:
This program allows registering notes about tournaments or players too.
All essential facilities for playing chess in one computer or multiple computers are exist in this program. You could see any kind of chess game files produced from any chess program by it, but creating variations in moves or playing with computer or analyzing games by computer is impossible, because this program is only for playing chess with humans without using real chessboard and real chess timer.
All chess timing are exist in this program and you do not need to buy a chess clock!
You could change colors and save your favorite color style too.
Any professional settings are available in database part and only lack of this part is in low speed to load big number of games.
For example, with 4 GB RAM dedicated to this program, you could load about half million games and see them in database but for see more games; you have to use professional chess programs!
You could download this program from these web sites and notice their approved this program in case of security (Virus, spyware, etc.):
For installing in Windows:
Java version (for all operation systems):